Prominent Mormons in Politics - What are the Beliefs of their Church?
by Cooper P. Abrams, III

         As a biblical Christian, Baptist pastor, and political conservative who has lived and worked in Utah since 1986, my observations of Mormons in politics is varied. My experience in living in Utah for a quarter of a century is that most Mormons are patriotic and conservative Americans who believe in moral and religious values. They love their state, America and our Constitution. For this they are to be commended and respected. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights absolutely declares that no American should be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and this applies to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well. However, if a person runs for public office, especially the Presidency of the United States, national political office, or puts himself in the limelight of politics he should be open and honest about all areas of his life and this includes what his faith believes and teaches. This reflects the character of the person which is main issue. A man's religion and the god he worships tells you a great deal about the man.

         It is common knowledge that Mormons consistently and deliberately hide the teachings of their religion. Their main deception is that they present themselves as simply another mainline Christian denomination who believe and worship our Creator who has revealed Himself in the Bible. They claim they worship the Jesus Christ of the Bible, and their founder Joseph Smith used Jesus' name to identify their church. However, even a cursory examination of the teachings of their church shows plainly, they worship a false God and Jesus Christ, and not our true God and Creator who has revealed Himself in the Bible. What is worst is they hide their true beliefs which would instantly expose what they truly are to any informed Christian. This appears to be the reason they are so secretive about their true beliefs. If you ask them about this they reply these are matters to sacred to discuss in public.

         To the contrary, biblical Christians are not ashamed or try to hide their faith in Jesus Christ as their God and Savior and belief in His word the Bible. They gladly and openly preach and teach all the tenants of biblical faith in Gospel of Jesus Christ. They enthusiastically proclaim their faith, hide nothing, and have no secret ceremonies. Further biblical Christians do not evangelize or proselyte over faiths to join their church. Biblical Christians and churches seek to win people to Jesus Christ, so they may have their sins forgiven and receive eternal life. You will not hear biblical Christians telling people to join their church so you can go to heaven.

         The truth is the Jesus Christ of the Mormon church is very different Jesus from our true Savior as revealed in the Bible. It only takes a little research to reveal this truth. This was verified by the late President and Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley of the LDS church. He stated on June 4, 1998, in a speech in Paris, France:

    "The traditional Christ of whom they speak (meaning traditional Christian churches) is not the Christ of whom I speak. For the Christ of whom I speak has been revealed in this the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. He together with His Father, appeared to the boy Joseph Smith in the year 1820, and when Joseph left the grove that day, he knew more of the matters of God than all the learned ministers of the gospel of the ages." (Church News, June 20, 1998, p70)

         Biblical Christians label the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as a Christian cult. What makes a cult is when someone or a group takes the traditional beliefs of an established faith, changes or distorts the normal tenants of that faith, and gives new definitions of its terms to fit the cult's views. This is what Joseph Smith and the Mormons have done since their beginnings in the early 1800s.

         Let us look at some of the core teachings and beliefs of the LDS church.

         Mormons believe that their Jesus was the first born son of their once human god. They believe their god was once a mortal man who was born on some planet out in the universe and there lived a good and worthy life. Their god, however, is only one god of millions of gods who rule planets out in the Universe. After being born a mortal man on a planet out in space their god lived a life faithful to the god of his planet. When their man-become-god died, he was resurrected to a place the Mormons call the Celestial heaven. In the Celestial heaven he was rewarded for his good works and was exalted to godhood. Thus this once mortal man, who was born a sinner like all men, but was rewarded for his good works and was make a god. He was then given the planet Earth to rule by a council of gods that meet near the star Kolob that is near the center of the Universe. The Mormons have always declared their god has a physical body and is a now god of "flesh and bone" although now exalted in godhood. (See the LDS scripture Doctrine and Covenants 130:22) They ridicule Christians who believe the Bible which says God is a Spirit.

         Mormons believe this then new god had not existed until he was born on some planet in the Universe, and being born a man, he had physical body of flesh and bones. However, after he was exalted to godhood he came to earth, bringing with him his heavenly family. His family was "sealed" to him, for all time and eternity," when he was a mortal man and performed a secret ceremony in a Mormon temple called the "endowments" referred to as the "temple marriage." The LDS publication "The Family" states ""The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally" (The Family paragraph 3). Thus this now exalted man with his many wives sealed to him in an LDS temple ceremony, began to sexually produce "spirit children" in heaven. Although the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, based in Salt Lake City, Utah does not practice polygamy today, they do believe their god is a polygamist and has many wives in heaven. It is interesting that Jesus Himself said "For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven." (Mark 12:25)

         The first born "spirit child" of this man-become-god was the Mormon Jesus and his second son was Lucifer or Satan. In fact, Jesus according to Mormonism is not the "only begotten son of God," but only the first of billions or trillions of their god's sons and daughters. They sincerely believe in "pre-existence" which means that every person born on earth was first born as a spirit child in heaven and then was allowed to come to earth to becoming mortals, so through eternal progression they would have the opportunity to be come a god themselves. This is why biblical Christians correctly state that the Jesus of the LDS church is the brother of Satan. According to the Mormon belief believe of "preexistence", all mankind are the brothers and sisters of Jesus and Satan. Mormons call Jesus their "elder brother." The fact is Satan is their second elder brother.

         This teaching or doctrine of the Mormon church is called "preexistence." It means everyone who ever has been born on earth was first the offspring of their god and one of his wives in heaven. They proclaim "Families are Forever" meaning that after death the family remains together if they performed the secret marriage ceremony or endowments in an LDS temple. Only the most faithful of the Mormons are allowed in the temples and are required to have a pass called a "temple recommend" to enter their temples. To get the "temple recommend" they have to be interviewed by LDS church officials and meet strict requirements. The ceremonies performed in their temples are highly secret. Only "worthy Mormons" are allowed in the their temples and to performed the "temple marriage." Only worthy Mormon men, who hold the Melchizedek priesthood, who have been married in a temple, can become gods. The temple ceremony is actually of a wife being sealed to their husband who is a priest. Only married men who have had their wives sealed to them can become gods. After performing the temple marriage and having received the endowments they are allowed to wear holy or sacred underwear> This underwear is called a temple garment, which they purchase at a special LDS church store. It is worn to protect them from temptation and evil. (Click for an explanation) It is reported that only twenty percent of Mormons hold a valid "temple recommend" that is required to take the "Endowments" or Temple Marriage. Non-temple Mormons, both men and women, will be the servants of the worthy Mormons who are exalted to godhood.

         Thus the Mormon god lives in heaven with his heavenly family. They believe that their god, of course is married and there is also heavenly mother(s) as well. Their belief is their god has an innumerable number of heavenly wives who bear the children of their "heavenly father." A worthy Mormon man, holding the Melchizedek priesthood, while on earth can receive the heavenly marriage to numerous wives while on earth. These wives will be his subordinate wives in heaven. Every person born on earth was once sexually conceived in heaven by "heavenly father" (their title for god) and one of his wives. (Think about the practical ramifications of this belief. It is estimated as many as a trillion people have been born on earth each sexually produced in heaven. They teach that these heavenly "spirit children" are allowed by "heavenly father" to come to earth and get human bodies when humans have children. This is one of the reasons Mormons have large families. They are seeking to provide mortal bodies for "spirit children" so they can come to earth and continue what the Mormons call "eternal progression." They are the only religion that seeks to get people out of heaven and on to the earth.

         Eternal progression is actually the gospel of Mormonism. Through eternal progression, their man-become-god was able to become a god and the ruler of earth. Mormons believe that if they are faithful to their church and god, do the temple ceremonies, they too may be exalted in the Celestial heaven and become a god themselves through eternal progression. Is Mormonism a cult? The answer is emphatically "Yes." Their faith is not Christian and not based on the clear teachings of the Bible. They deceptively use the name Jesus Christ and other Christians terms, but give them LDS definitions. It should be noted however, that the LDS Church officials tell their membership they worship the God and Jesus Christ of the Bible. If you ask a Mormon do they worship the God and Jesus Christ who is revealed in the Holy Bible they will answer in the affirmative. However, a comparison of the god and Jesus of Mormonism with the Bible, show they are completely different. If you would like to read a detailed articles titled "Who is the God of Mormonism?" go to http://bible-truth.org/LDStheism.html.

         I whole heartily agree that as Americans we are free to believe as we wish. We have the right, guaranteed by our Constitution, that we can freely worship any god or faith we wish. As a Veteran, I will and have defended this freedom, and the Constitution of the United States. All Americans have the right to believe what they wish. In this I have no disagreement with any American, no matter what their faith. I do think Mormons should be forth coming as to what they really believe and not past themselves off as Christians when they are most definitely not.

         One should not present themselves as Christians when they are not. Honest Mormons know their are not a biblical Christians. Most Mormons seemed to try and distance himself from the idea that their religious beliefs would effect their decisions. Any logical person knows that is not true. A person's beliefs will effect how they think and look at matters.

         However, every American has the right to know the truth about what any faith believes. They should not be misled into thinking they are voting for a Christian when they are not. The LDS church's beliefs, practices and teachings show it is not a Christian church nor believe the Bible. How that revelation would effect the way an American votes is his own business, but a true Christian should not seek to be deceptive and hide their true beliefs. If one believes their faith is true, they should openly and without apology proclaim and defend their faith. That is not what Mormons do and they continue to present themselves as being a part of just another Christian denomination. That is the reason for this article. Americans should have all the information when they evaluate a candidate for any political office and especially that of the President of the United States or any public office. Another concern I have as a biblical Christian who knows what Mormons believe and practice, is that standing behind any Mormon who is in the public arena is also stand with false religion and teaching that will damn a man's soul to hell. The LDS Church is powerful and has unlimited resources. In Utah the LDS church, from the shadows, dominates everything in the state including its politics and government. If you ask, they will of course deny this, but behind the scenes the LDS church welds great power and little is done without its approval or nod. Think about the power the LDS Church would have with one of their own in the Presidency?

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