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How We Got the Bible
A seven lesson course on how the Lord gave and preserved His Word through the centuries.
This study is written as a general introduction to the subject of how the Bible has come down to us over the centuries.       It was prepared to give the average Christian a more thorough understanding of how God preserved the Bible and the great wealth of evidence that proves it is totally reliable.       This study will show that God has, with no omissions or errors, preserved the Word of God and we have it in complete form today.       The errors of the modern 20th Century translations will be noted and the superiority of the King James Version shown.

A Commentary on the Gospel of John
A practical verse by verse study of John.

A Study of the Book of Genesis from Creation to Abraham
A verse by verse commentary on the Book of Genesis. Showing science and the Bible refute evolution.

A Study of the Book of Daniel
A verse by verse commentary on the Book of Daniel.

A Commentary on the Book of Jude

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This commentary was written to be taught in Bible Studies, Sunday School Classes, etc.

A Outline of the Book of Jonah

A verse by verse outline on the Book of Jonah

A Commentary on the Book of Revelation
This is a clear interpretation of the Book of Revelation

The Feasts of Israel
This is a series of lessons that explores each of the Seven Feast of Israel including the Jewish Calendar.

A Brief Chronology Of Christianity From 96 Ad To Recent Times
This is a brief history of the events in Christianity from the 1st Century to modern times.

Mysteries Of The New Testament Series
A Study of the Seven Mysteries of the New Testament that were not revealed to Israel in the Old Testament