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Answer:    I have many many times had email correspondence with the Christ of Christ and others who teach baptismal regeneration.  It is frustrating to say the least to explain it to them how they have misinterpreted the Scriptures and see them still hold on dogmatically to their error.   It is like Jesus and the Apostles telling the Jews that He was the Messiah.   The Jews saw the miracles and knew Jesus fulfilled all the OT prophecies concerning the Messiah, but they had too much to lose if they accepted Him as their Messiah and He exposed their wicked hearts and deeds.   So they condemned themselves to an eternal hell rather than receive their Messiah and are still doing the same thing today.     They are not really interested in God's truth, but in promoting their own views which clearly are shown to be in error.    This may sound harsh...but I do not believe people like the CofC are saved.    Salvation is solely the work of Jesus Christ on the cross when He shed His blood to atone for sin....and a grace plus works salvation does not save.   They will even tell you that you can believe in Jesus Christ....but until you a baptized God will not save you and if you died you will go to hell.     That proves that they believe baptism saves them.     Yes, they say the blood of Christ saves, but only if they do their work of being baptized.    Salvation is a free gift of God through His grace and all men are sinners and cannot merit their salvation.   If is only received as a gift in faith.   I point out that over sixty times in the New Testament salvation is stated as being by faith and baptism is not mentioned....but that does not mean anything to them.  I suppose they think God forgot baptism in these verses?

 Honestly, it is so silly and childish you would wonder how these people could be so blind in the face of what God's word says.      I quote them Ephesians 2:8-9 which plainly states works to not save....and they will come back and say baptism is not a work?!?!      They come back and proudly proclaim they have studied Greek....well I too! What is your point?   But it is worth noting they never explain how knowing Greek supports their position....and the one who occasionally, does try to use the Greek, only shows his gross ignorance of the language.

  I have to assume that they don't accept God's truth  because they do not want the truth.  Jesus said, "This is the condemnation that light has come into the world, but men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil."  

    I believe one "evil" of the CofC is their abject pride in their church.    They take great pride in condemning others pointing out that "their" church is the only true church....why it even has the biblical name of "Church of Christ."     My personal opinion is that admitting their church teaches heresy is too much for them to the hold on to their false teachings and will not admit they are wrong.    What a sad commentary it is that they are so proud of their fact it is the most important thing in their lives, whereas in the true believer in Jesus Christ it is His atoning sacrifice and shed blood that is important to us.    Yes, and living a godly life that honors His love and sacrifice for us.    The 'gospel' of the CofC is not the Gospel of the Bible...but a false gospel of baptism.    You ask one of the how to be saved...they will tell you...not you must be born again...but you must be baptized.   

Think about the coming Tribulation most of the world will believe the false prophet and follow the anti-christ and worship him.    At the end of the Tribulation the nations will be fighting one an another, but when they see Jesus coming in the sky....they turn to fight Him!!

Romans 3:10f is so very is a very sinful being.    I makes the thank the Lord even more because somehow I heard the Gospel and believed and was saved.....!!!     I think the difference between those who are saved and those who are not is simply....those who are saved...divorce themselves of pride and admit their are sinners and in belief repent.


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