(Proof from the Bible that the teachings of the LDS church
about their god proves he could not exist)

By Cooper Abrams
*All Rights Reserved

         The basic difference between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity is that Mormons worship a different god than the God of the Bible. The LDS church teaches that their is a god of flesh and bone, who was once a sinful man, who by good works and faithfulness to the Mormon religion became a god.

        However, the God of the Bible is Spirit, and is self-existent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, eternal, and the only Almighty God (Isa. 43:10-11, 44:6, 45:21-22, 1 Tim. 1:17, 6:16, Col. 1:15, John 4:24, Jer.23:24, Mal. 3:6, Psa. 102:26-27) [click here to read these passages]. The God of the Bible is spirit and was never a man, (Num. 23:19) therefore the Mormon man-god certainly is not the God of the Bible. The Bible tells us that God created man; man did not create God. (For more on this subject see my article: "Is the God of Mormonism the God of the Bible?")

         The Bible gives us a place to start in time when God created the earth and the universe. Mormonism does not. God says in the Bible that there was a time when the universe did not exist nor anything material or physical.(Isa. 43:13) God reveals to us in the Bible that there was no God before Him. He created it all, time, space, matter and all the different kinds of life at a point in time which was the beginning of the Universe. God said He created the universe for His glory, and the earth for man..

        According to Mormonism the universe actually has no beginning and it assumes like the false theory of evolution that all things always existed. It teaches, as does evolution, that man can evolve upward into a higher and higher being. This teaching in the LDS church is called "eternal progression." In other words man can go from one existence to another and through "eternal progression" upwards to a greater existence.

         Mormonism does teach that their god created the heavens and the earth, but that is an impossible claim seeing that they believe their god is a man who became a god. This article will clearly show this impossibility and the fatal flaw in Mormonism.

What is the Origin of the Mormon God?

        Mormonism starts with their god being an simply an "intelligence" existing in a "pre-mortal" state somewhere in the universe as pure intelligence with no form or body. In time this "intelligence" which had no physical body, received his first body when a man-god of some planet out in the universe, gave him a spirit body by being born as one of his children through sexual intercourse with his goddess wife(s) in heaven. (This is explained in some detail in my article "Who is the God of Mormonism?" Click this line to go to the article)

        The next step of the LDS god in becoming the god of earth was that he needed a human body or physical body. So, through eternal progression, which is the LDS Church's gospel, this man was allowed to come to the planet of his father-god and was born to human parents thus receiving a human body. On the earth he was tested to see if he would be faithful to his father-god's "gospel." Because he was faithful in doing good works and obeying his father-god religion, after he died he was resurrected and declared to be "worthy" of godhood. A counsel of gods that meet out in the center of the universe near the star Kolob, appointed him to be the god of earth and the god of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In other words, their god in the past was a man who became a god. He was born into the Universe which existed before he did. According to their teaching, their god went through at least three different changes and He exists now as man-god of flesh and bone in heaven with his heavenly family made up of his wives and spirit children.

Eternal Progression of the LDS God

BEGAN AS: Pure Intelligence

Became a Spirit Child

Became a Human being

Became the God of Earth (Heavenly Father)

Becomes ???????

        LDS doctrine teaches that a male member of the LDS church can by faithfulness to the Mormon gospel can continue to evolve upward to eventually becoming a god himself. A male Mormon must go through the temple ceremony where his wife(s) are sealed to him for "all time and eternity." This is a vital step in a Mormon man becoming a god. That is how they explain that their man-god of the earth, whom they worship, became a god. Their teaching is that their god had a father and mother god of flesh and bone who produced him, and so did his parents and their parents and so on back in time.

The God of Mormonism is Not the God of the Bible

        The Bible teaches, to the contrary, that the universe including the earth did not exist until God created it out of nothing and on the sixth day created man.(Gen. 1:1-2, 25-31) God tells us that man did not exist prior to the sixth day and nothing existed prior to day one. On the sixth day of Creation, God made Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed into him life and Adam became a living soul.(Gen. 2:7) Thus, Adam being the first man was given life by God, and Adam, then being a living being, passed life on to his children and his descendants.

         Mormonism presents a much different picture of creation and this is a serious problem for them. Life, according to Mormonism, already existed in the universe before Adam as an "intelligence." Based on this teaching they believe that all humans existed somewhere in the universe without a body prior to being born on earth. First this "intelligence" received a spiritual body in heaven when a spirit child is sexually produced by its man-god parents in heaven. Next, this pre-mortal spirit person then received a physical body when he was born to human parents on earth. Now as a human being their god lived a faithful life obeying the Mormon gospel, and he then was allowed to go on to the Celestial heaven. Because of his faithfulness to the Mormon gospel, he was declared "worthy" and merited godhood. He then was exalted and become a god. This whole scenario is totally foreign to the Word of God, the Bible, and is one reason why biblical Christians totally reject Mormons as Christians. Their god is totally incomparable with our Creator the God of the Bible.

         LDS doctrine naturally leads to the conclusion that time has always existed and there was no beginning. However, that is totally illogical because the fact is that time exists, and by its nature had to have a beginning and it will have an end. That is essence of time. Without a beginning there could be no time. The existence of time which proceeds forward is evidence of a beginning and of a Creator.

The Fatal Flaw in the LDS Church's Teaching About its God

        The LDS Church teaches that the god they worship the God of the Bible. The Bible plainly teaches that God our Creator, created the universe and the earth in the beginning. Thus there was a time when the universe and the earth did not exist. The Bible says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen. 1:1; Exod. 20:11, 31:17) The Hebrew word for "heaven" is "samayim" and can mean, 1) the sky where the birds are, 2) an area above the sky as the firmament, and 3) space where the stars, sun and moon are, and 4) the entire creation of heaven and earth. The context tells you which is meant. Genesis 1:1, clearly uses the 4th definition that God began it all and created the whole of the universe. Interestingly, the Book of Mormon makes the same statement that God created the heavens and earth.

         This reveals a serious flaw in LDS doctrine. According to the Bible, all things material including time, space, matter, the earth and man were created in the six days of Creation. As stated earlier, everything was created out of nothing "ex nihilo." The Bible says that God exists in a spiritual world which is outside and apart from the material world. We cannot understand or explain what the spiritual world is because it is foreign to our material world and beyond our experience. We have nothing in the material world to compare or help us to explain the spiritual world of God. However God, through the Bible, reveals these truths to us about who He is and the existence of the spiritual world He lives in.

         Here is the problem. The LDS church teaches that their god is the God of the Bible, yet the teach he is a material god of flesh and bone who himself was born into the material universe which clearly pre-existed him. The LDS teaching is that their god is a product of an existing material universe not the producer of it (god of flesh and bone). The question that begs to be answered is "How could the god of Mormonism be born into the universe that pre-existed him and he be its creator?" In other words the LDS church teaches that their god created the universe that pre-existed him!

         According the Bible, God created the material Universe, and it began when He created it. Time began at the Creation and there was nothing before time. What we, as material beings, cannot comprehend is how God exists outside of time and space. The solution of evolution and Mormon doctrine is to assume all things always were. . . but that leaves serious questions unanswered as to how the universe exists in time, but had no beginning.

        Mormons, understanding this serious flaw in their teaching, try to explain away the problem in several ways. One explanation is that the "heavens and earth" that their god created was only the earth and the space above the earth and that the words "heaven and earth" do not refer to the entire universe. They try to limit the word "heaven" to only the atmosphere of the earth. However, the God of the Bible said in Genesis 1:14-19, that He created the Sun, Moon and Stars (Verse 16) on the fourth day of Creation. On the first day of Creation God made the created time, space and matter. His first act of creation was to form space itself where on the fourth day He placed the Sun, Moon, and Stars in space. The Genesis account of Creation totally destroys the Mormon idea of their man-god being the creator of the Universe and the Earth. God created man on the sixth day of Creation, therefore no man existed prior to this time who could have become a god and created the Universe.

        Another explanation Mormons give is that there are many "universes." This fits their teaching that their are innumerable gods ruling over a like number of "worlds." The God of the Bible, who is our Creator said, "I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me their is no God" (Isa. 44:6). In Isaiah 44:8, God says, ". . . Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any." God further states that He knows of no other god. The normal Mormon response to these emphatic statements by God is to propose that God is saying no other god(s) exists that have anything to do with the earth. In other words, their god is saying...I am the only god to you. You are not responsible to the other gods in the universe, but only to me." However, that is not what God said; God said no other god(s) exist, there is no God besides me. The erroneous LDS interpretation is clearly refuted because the God of the Bible is omniscient, meaning He knows all things. Surely, if other gods existed He would know it. The Mormon man-god of flesh and bone could not make such a statement, because he is the offspring of some other god who was his father-god. How could he be the offspring of another god who was his father and not know it? This is further evidence that the Mormon god is clearly not the God of the Bible.

         In summation, Mormonism ignores the question of where life come from. It teaches it came from their god, but it does not address the question of how could their god create life when he, being flesh and bone, is the product of all ready existing life. Logically their god must have received life from some source outside of himself. The Bible tells us that God our Creator is the only God and is the sole source of all life, not just a product of life that existed before. God breathed the breath of life into inert matter that He created and man became a living soul (Gen. 2:7). All men received life from Adam, who received it from God. Man cannot be a god because man is not the source of life. Man got his life from God, and life cannot come from inert matter. I personally believe that Joseph Smith was greatly influenced by the radical claims of evolution that was being widely proclaimed in his day. I do not think it inconsequential that evolution and Mormonism, which were being born at the same time, have the same basic erroneous concept that everything always existed and that all things evolving upward to a greater existence.

         The problem is clear. God in the Bible is tells us He created the universe, and thus exist outside it. He exists apart from His creation. The Mormon god exists in time and the universe and is the product of it. God in the Bible says, there are no other gods and that He is not a man, nor ever was a man. (Num. 23:19) If you reject His statements about Himself then you must reject the true God and the Bible He gave us as His word. That is what Joseph Smith, Charles Russell, and all authors of false religions have done throughout the ages. Amazingly, these false prophets, ignored all that God said about Himself, and invented a totally alien concept of God and then claimed their imaginary god they created was the God of the Bible! Of course their reason is clear....they did so to deceive uninformed people as to the true identity of their god and that proves that Satan was behind their efforts being the father of all lies.

         God explains this in Romans 1:19-23, 25. God tells us that:

         I do not want to labor the point, but I have often said to Mormons and others who reject what God has said about Himself that, "Your god is too small." Man in his vain imaginations, and professing himself to be wise (intelligent), rejected God's revelation as to who He truly is and instead, foolishly made himself a god like himself! Silly men because they could not explain God and reconcile Him to their sinful lusts, which He condemned, rejected Him and invented a god they could understand which was like themselves. They then bowed down and worshiped their own creation! God plainly condemns such foolishness idolatry in Isaiah 44:9-17. The reason that men have invented false gods is stated by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." (John 3:19-20) Sinful men do not want their sins condemned by God, so they invent at god who does not reprove them of their evil ways.

        Even harder to believe is that Mormons have gone so far as to foolishly concluded they too can become gods and rule their own planet. Do you understand that this false religion has said that from a corruptible sinful man is made a Incorruptible, Perfect and Holy God! That is totally inconceivable! The true God, our Creator, is absolute in His holiness, and purity and has eternally been so. The Mormon god, being the product of a man's imagination is a weak and little god indeed, (only a god of flesh and bone), but how could he be anything else being the creation of a weak and frail human mind. For some man to create the idea of a man becoming a god is the highest mark of sinful pride and foolishness imaginable. How can the created create the Creator?

        I choose to believe the Word of God and what God has said about who He is and who man is and how all this started. I choose to believe God's plan of salvation is best and only plan. Although I might not be able to understand what was in God's mind and what was His purpose in doing it this way, I am though....thankful, grateful beyond degree, that my God and Creator, loved me, even though I sinned against Him and by His free gift of grace saved me. How much I appreciate that He provided for me a perfect salvation, forgiveness for sin and eternal life that I surely do not deserve. What a wonderful God is our Creator who by His grace forgives all men who will believe and accept Him for who He is....our God, our Lord and our Creator. His atoning work is beyond words and to wonderful to fully explain this side of heaven. ( See Article: "Are Mormons Christians?")

         My heart felt desire is to see the Mormon people open their eyes to the deception they have believed and come into the light of God's Word the Bible and accept God's truth and salvation. I pray that many will believe God, repent of their sins, accept His forgiveness of sin, and to receive eternal life by taking Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

*All Rights Reserved - June, 1998, minor revision January 2005 - Cooper P. Abrams, III


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