Psalms 65:2 - Heb. 11:6

Cooper Abrams

B. God can only be approached as He as told us. He only answers prayers that are prayed in faith and in His will. They are hindrances in our lives that will not allow God to answer our prayers. This will be explained in further in future messages.


    1. It is the nature of God to hear and answer prayer.

    2. It is impossible to know God or please Him without believing and trusting in the fact He hears and answers prayer.

    3. We learn a great deal about God, understanding His attributes, because He does hear and answer prayer. For the Christian?

    Have you understood how much of God is revealed to us in His answering prayer.

    Have you understood that he is always there instantly ready to hear and answer your prayer.

    Do you have true fellowship with God, be talking with him in prayer? For the person who has not trusted the Lord as their Savior.

    He stands waiting, knocking at your hearts door....waiting desiring you to allow Him in. Do we understand that the privilege of prayer was not given to us to manipulate God and simply as a ritual we perform. It was given for us to commune and fellowship with God and not just a means to ask for things we want. Do we understand that sin and a lack of faith will hinder the effectiveness of prayer in our lives. Prayer is the first act of the lost sinner coming to Christ. "Oh, lord be merciful to me a sinner."

    It is the nature act of a child of God to talk to his Father. To ask state our gratitude and thankfulness, to ask forgiveness, to express praise and honor, to intercede for others.

    Will you pray now in all sincerity, that God will help you to see the need and purpose of prayer. That prayer will become a greater part of your life. That you would become a prayer warrior.

    That your prayer life would be what God would be pleased with.

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