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*Although most of the sermons posted here are original, I claim no originality. Many writers have influenced me over the years, both in person and in their written material. For their efforts for the Lord, I express my deep appreciation.

Please Note: Occasionally someone will write quite pointedly and tell me how distracting the typos and/or grammatical mistakes are. First, please understand that these are sermon outlines...not formal papers, and I know the typos are distracting. I will admit that it bothers me some to received unkind comments, but have learned not to be offended when someone tells me this as I have developed a tough skin. (1 Corinthians 13:1-7) Most who write have good intentions are a gracious.
     In the spirit of 2 Corinthians 11:1, 6-7, the truth is it is a miracle I am able to write at all having struggled all my life with the learning disability of dyslexia. I am in the process of revising each message on the web site (There are over a 400). I never received a lot of encouragement in my early life. One of my High School English teachers said I would never graduate...but I did and passed all my subjects in all my High School classes. She laughed when my mom told her I enrolled in college. I do not think she was being disrespectful, but just realitic. However, with God's help I completed a five year program in four years and earned a bachelor's degree in Theology (ThB). When I mentioned to this teacher that I intended in enrolling in graduate school once again she offered no encouragement predicting failure. Yet, I finished my graduate work in 2000 and earned a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies (MBS). I finished the doctorate program at Bethany Seminary in in 2013 and received a PhD in Religion with a Bible Major.
      Knowing my past, it is simply a miracle I am able to write at all, but I believe God wants me I do the best I can. Literally hundreds of people from all over the world have e-mailed me over the years telling me how much they appreciated the sermons and articles on the web site. So I think it has helped some. My web site is getting an average of three to six hundred visitors (not hits) each day.
(More on my experience as being dyslexic)

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Messages on Assurance

Messages on the Beattitudes - A Series of Messages on the How to be Happy! Matthew 5:1-16

Messages About Being a Disciple

Messages About the Bible

Messages on the Biblical Change This is a series on biblical change.

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Messages on the Bride of Jesus Christ

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Messages on Christian Living and Maturity

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Colossians Series (More messages will be adding in coming weeks 3-4-11)

Messages on Commitment

Messages on the Cross

Messages Addressing Current Events

Messages on Death

Messages on Decisions

Messages on Devil (Satan)

Messages on Dying to Self

Messages on the End Times

The Book of Ephesians Series-

Messages on Faith

Messages on Failure in A Christian's Life

Messages on the Family

Messages on the Fellowship

Messages on Forgiveness

Messages on Friendship

Messages on Spiritual Gifts

Messages on Giving

Messages About God

Messages About God's Love

Messages on Grace

Messages on Graduation

Messages on Great Commission

Messages on Growth

Messages on Heaven

Messages on Hell

Messages for Holidays

Messages about the Holy Spirit

Messages on Judgment

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Messages on Love

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Series on Romans

The Rapture of the Bride of Christ


Messages on Responsibility

Messages on the Resurrection

Messages on the Joy of Salvation

Messages on Salvation

Messages on the Second Coming of Christ

Series of messages on 1 John 1-5- (18 messages total)

Message on 2 John

Series of messages on 1 Timothy

Messages on Service

Messages on Sin

Messages on the Testing

Messages on 1 Thessalonians

Messages on Thanksgiving

Messages on the Trials and Suffering

    Messages on the Truth

    Messages on Unbelief

    Messages on Vows

    Messages on God's Will

    Messages on Worship

    Messages on the Value of Salvation

    The Fundamental Top 500

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